A soggy furnace filter should not be a cause of alarm since it is easily repairable, and the moisture may not be a sign that there’s anything wrong with it. The following are the causes of a wet filler and why this can be a problem in Greer, SC.

What Causes a Wet Furnace Filter?

The cooling of the system’s evaporator coil causes water to condense water from the air, which is a natural function of an HVAC system. The condensed water usually drips out of the condensate line away from your house, but condensation tends to back up when the line clogs.

The backup in the condensate line dampens the line. In some instances, it may even make it soaking wet.

Why Is a Wet Furnace Filter a Problem?

A soaked furnace filter makes your HVAC inefficient since it blocks the passage of air through it. It also makes it hard for the filters to block particulates and dust. Also, when the filters stay wet for a significant period, they encourage biological growth that is detrimental to your HVAC system.

Water may drip everywhere in the system, which may affect its mechanical and electrical components. It may result in rust, mechanical seizing, and shorts in the system, which may call for furnace repair and component replacement.

A clogged filter may result in flooding of the house, which may damage furniture, flooring, and carpet. A soggy furnace may also be unhealthy for your family. It’s best to schedule an inspection and maintenance by a certified HVAC professional at least twice a year.

What to Do About This Problem

You should contact a professional HVAC technician to inspect your system if any component is not working properly. He or she will help identify and fix any emerging problem in your system.

Our team offers the best heating and air conditioning services in Greer, SC. Our specialists are well qualified and certified. Contact George M. Hill & Sons today for HVAC maintenance, furnace installation and heating system repairs.

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