Ductless air conditioning, also referred to as mini-split and multi-split systems, utilizes technology that provides cooling without using air ducts. Basically, it is an advanced form of traditional, ducted AC. Ductless AC systems contain three main components: a condenser, a conduit, and a blower unit. The decision to install one in your home in Boiling Springs, SC, can benefit you in several ways.

Easy and Quick to Install

Installing a ducted AC system can take several days and bring your home activities into a complete halt. The process is quite the opposite when installing a ductless system.

Depending on the number of outdoor and indoor units required, your new system can be running in just a few hours. It also consumes less space and doesn’t require demolition to fit.

Saves Money

Another important advantage of ductless systems is their ability to function using less energy. These units are small as compared to the ducted systems and, because they release controlled air directly into your home, they’re efficient. The ductless system not only improves energy efficiency but also reduces overall energy costs.

Highly Flexible

The significant difference between ductless and ducted system is the way they deliver air. While the ducted system pumps force air controlled air through ducts, the ductless system passes air directly into the various rooms. The ductless system comprises a small outdoor component and an indoor part that requires only mounting and access to power.

Prevents Energy Loss

Ductless units avoid power loss, which is a major issue with ducted systems. Forced air systems can account for over 30% energy loss for space conditioning, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

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