Light commercial HVAC requires specialized expertise. Spartanburg, SC commercial systems are typically larger and more complex than residential systems. Professional HVAC contractors like George M. Hill & Sons, Inc., deliver quality commercial services for optimal results.

NATE-certified HVAC Repair Technicians

In commercial settings, time is money. The longer your HVAC system is down, the more your business suffers. We will dispatch an experienced HVAC repair technician to your commercial site. Our NATE-certified service specialists can restore most broken systems to full functionality. Using state-of-the-art skill sets and high-tech diagnostic tools, our technicians can quickly identify and correct existing and potential problems.

Indoor Air Quality Experts

Toxic particles and airborne allergens can turn your commercial space into a danger zone. A dirty HVAC system is a health hazard, and you can’t afford sick employees or ailing customers. Our indoor air quality experts can ensure that your commercial building has air that’s clean and fresh.

Preventive Maintenance Specialists

Over 90 percent of HVAC repairs result from poor maintenance. Our tune-ups include a thorough system cleaning to maximize performance and reduce utility bills. We’ll inspect your equipment thoroughly to nip potential problems in the bud. Our comprehensive commercial maintenance plans are specially designed to keep your equipment healthy and in pristine condition.

Skilled HVAC Installation Team

A new HVAC installation involves more than just replacing an older system with an updated version of the same thing. Buildings are always changing, and their heating and cooling loads change too. We perform a complete Manual J load calculation to determine the proper system size for your space. Because HVAC systems get more efficient every year, you’ll see energy savings right away.

As professional HVAC contractors, George M. Hill & Sons, Inc., has been in the indoor comfort business since 1945. Call us at (864) 991-3167 to learn more about our Spartanburg, South Carolina, light commercial HVAC services.