Even in Spartanburg, SC most residents rely on some kind of home heating system to ward off chilly weather. Modern heating systems are effective, efficient and generally safe, but there’s one important caveat. Routine heater maintenance is critical to ensuring your system operates safely and correctly. Before you skip your next scheduled tune-up, consider the vital ways maintenance keeps you protected.

Controlling Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, non-irritating gas that’s naturally produced as a byproduct of burning fuel. It’s also extremely dangerous, capable of causing loss of consciousness or death in minutes at high concentrations. All fuel-burning heaters produce some amount of carbon monoxide, but regular heater maintenance keeps this hazardous byproduct to a minimum. It also ensures your ventilation system is working properly and safely removing any gas from your home.

Preventing Particle Pollution

What are you inhaling into your body when you breathe the air in your home? The answer may surprise you if your heating system isn’t well-maintained. Neglecting your heater increases the risk of incomplete combustion, potentially releasing a variety of pollutants into the air. Dirty air filters may also hamper your system’s ability to trap other particulate matter. To guard against poor indoor air quality and associated health risks, have your equipment serviced on a regular schedule.

Fighting Furnace Fires

It takes a lot of heat energy to keep your home warm. Not surprisingly, all that energy can pose an increased fire risk if it’s not managed properly. In fact, heating equipment is one of the leading causes of home fires across the United States. With regular service visits, however, the risk of fire is minimal. That’s because routine maintenance is the best way to catch and correct potential hazards before they become dangerous.

Any heating system poses potential risks, but there’s no reason keeping your home warm should be dangerous. For the ultimate in safety and peace of mind, just dial 864-991-3167 for quality heater maintenance services from George M. Hill & Sons, Inc.