Tornadoes, equipment failure, and tree limbs, along with that cute little squirrel nesting in your shade tree, are among the frequent causes of power outages in Boiling Springs, SC. Here are three reasons why you should consider installing a whole-home generator in your house.


Safety is a primary concern during a power outage. A backup generator enables you to maintain hygiene basics such as flushing toilets and functioning sump pumps. They eliminate the need for extension cords draped through a window and across the floor. Lights stay on, so there’s no chance of falling in the dark. Dependable power is critical for those who rely on electric-powered medical equipment.


There’s not much worse than an unexpected snowstorm knocking out power on a 20-degree day in January — unless it’s a squirrel chewing through your electric lines on a sultry day in July. With backup power from a generator, your HVAC systems continue to produce soothing comfort, appliances allow food-prep services, and TVs continue to operate.


Homeowners with fully stocked freezers are at risk of financial loss when power interruptions occur. The Kohler generators we install come on automatically within seconds. Whether you’re home or away, a backup generator protects your investment by delivering reliable power when you need it most. Additionally, a whole home generator protects your Boiling Springs home from voltage surges when you regain power, reducing the likelihood of a house fire. Some insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner policies if you install a backup generator.

When the power goes out, there’s no need to panic. A backup generator from George M. Hill & Sons, Inc. keeps your lights on and your life on track. If you want peace of mind when your power goes out, check out our website for the backup generators we carry. or give us a call today.