A ductless mini-split can provide you with efficient and effective heating and cooling throughout your Duncan, SC home. However, this system needs regular care to stay in prime condition. The following are three essential maintenance tasks you can do so that your ductless HVAC system keeps you comfortable throughout the year.

Change Your Air Filters

Filter changes are among the most important maintenance tasks that you can do for your ductless mini-splits’ care. You should give your air filter a visible inspection every month to look for dust and dirt. If the filter isn’t visibly dirty, you can change it roughly once every three months. If you have family members who suffer from asthma or allergies, more frequent filter changes may help. A clean filter improves your indoor air quality and enhances airflow through the system, so you’ll enjoy healthier air and lower utility bills.

Keep it Clean

Make sure your ductless mini-splits” components are clean, both inside and outside your home. Clear debris away from the exterior part of the system. Leaves, fallen branches, and foliage can block airflow through the vents. You should keep shrubbery and tall grass away from the unit for at least two feet in all directions. Inside the home, make sure the air handlers are located in a clear area where there’s no clutter or furniture in the way of the system.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Professional maintenance is necessary to make sure that your ductless mini-split is cared for properly. You should schedule these tune-ups at least twice a year. During your maintenance visit, you will receive a thorough system inspection to make sure that all components are in good shape and operating properly. Your technician can also inspect refrigerant levels, clean the system, lubricate moving parts, tighten electrical connections, and address any pending repair needs.

If you’re due for a maintenance visit for your ductless mini-split, give George M. Hill & Sons, Inc. a call at 864-991-3167. We provide thorough tune-ups that will prepare your HVAC system for the season ahead.