If you’re a typical homeowner, nearly half of your energy dollars go toward heating and cooling your Moore, SC home. Ductless mini-splits are gaining in popularity as a way to counteract these high bills. Here are three ways Trane ductless systems save you energy and money.

Individual Thermostats

Mini-split systems allow you to divide your home into zones controlled by separate thermostats. Unlike central HVAC systems that have one thermostat regulating your entire home, individual thermostats allow you to adjust temperatures throughout your home. You can set one temperature for the master bedroom, another for the family room, and yet another for the seldom-used guest bedroom. The capability to use just the amount of energy you need and only when you need it saves energy and money.

Less Energy Loss

Conventional ducted systems can have up to a 30 percent energy loss due to air leaks in the ductwork. That means you’re potentially losing 30 cents out of every dollar you spend cooling or heating your air. Because they pump conditioned air directly into each room via a conduit rather than ductwork, mini-splits avoid these losses and put that 30 cents back in your pocket.

Variable Speed Technology

In central air systems, the compressor and blower switch between being off to running at full capacity. These start-and-stop cycles take a lot of energy. Ductless mini-splits use variable-speed technology, which means your unit powers down when it needs less energy but doesn’t shut off completely. When energy demand increases, the compressor and blower effortlessly adjust to the higher speed. Inverter technology avoids the energy spurts associated with equipment start-up, lowering your energy bill and saving you money.

If you’d like to learn more about how ductless mini-splits can improve the comfort in your home, check out the ductless HVAC services we offer at George M. Hill & Sons, Inc. or call one of our comfort specialists.