A backup generator is a powerful piece of equipment for your Moore, SC home. This gives you peace of mind throughout the cold-weather season knowing that you have a backup source of electricity if inclement weather or another disaster should knock out your power. Below are three reasons why you should schedule generator maintenance in the fall.

Keep Your Generator in Good Shape

Generator maintenance helps you keep your system in prime condition. During a tune-up, your maintenance technician will lubricate moving parts, inspect all major components for signs of wear or damage, straighten the vents, clean the equipment, change filters and plugs, and make sure the generator has enough fuel.

Prepare for Cold Weather

If your generator isn’t already insulated, you should consider addressing this before cold weather hits. Insulation will help protect your generator from the snow, ice, and cold. This decreases the likelihood of any kind of damage and malfunction from this essential backup system. A generator cover or enclosure can also help protect the equipment from dirt and damage. Speak to your maintenance technician about the best measures to keep your generator safe.

Stay Safe in Hazardous Conditions

Fall is the best time for generator maintenance because fall maintenance ensures that your system is in great shape before the hazards of winter set in. During cold weather, snow and ice are notable dangers that can contribute to power outages. Winter power outages can be more challenging than those during other seasons because the harsh cold can creep in fast. You also have shorter days, which means you will use more electricity at earlier hours. Make sure you’re not caught without power this season by taking care of your generator now.

If you need to schedule generator maintenance for your home, contact George M. Hill & Sons, Inc. at 864-991-3167. We can help you with all your home generator needs so you can rest easy this winter knowing you’re prepared for anything.