With a performance rating of about 300 percent, it’s no surprise that more and more Duncan, SC homeowners opt for a Trane heat pump to heat and cool their home. Here are three things you need to know about to choose the right heat pump for your home.

Type of Heat Pump

All heat pumps are an energy-efficient alternative to conventional HVAC equipment, and they all provide better humidification control. Heat pumps fall into three main categories:

  • Air source: uses the air to transfer heat, reduces electricity use by 50 percent, ducted or ductless, split or packaged
  • Geothermal: uses the earth to transfer heat, reduces energy use up to 60 percent, has land area requirements
  • Water source: form of geothermal that uses water to transfer heat, higher transfer rate compared to ground source, easier installation than ground if water is available


SEER and HSPF measure heat pump performance. A higher rating means more efficiency. Higher-efficiency units cost more, but even lower-efficiency units are more cost-effective compared to conventional HVAC systems.

HVAC Equipment

Choosing a heat pump that’s too big or too small won’t deliver the efficiency that you want. Our comfort specialists make sure that you get the right size that fits your home. We’ll also explain your options regarding differences in HVAC equipment capabilities:

  • Noise levels ranging from 55 to 78
  • Control options, including communicating capability
  • Single-, two-, and variable-speed compressor

Choosing the best heat pump for your home sounds confusing, but our comfort specialists have the expertise needed to guide you to the right choice. George M. Hill & Sons, Inc. ranks among the top five Trane dealers in South Carolina and is the only independent Trane Comfort Specialist in Spartanburg. To learn more about this economic heating and cooling option, check out our selection of air source heat pumps or call us today.