It can be easy to ignore the subtle sounds of something not quite working correctly in a hope that it may just go away. However, doing that with your furnace leads to bigger problems along with possible health and safety hazards in your home in Greer, SC. It’s important to know the sounds indicative of these problems, what they mean, and what you can do to correct them.

Sound #1: Banging

Your system might make this noise when the sheet metal on the ducts flexes while heating and cooling. However, that banging gets louder when there are pressure imbalances in the system. Clogged air filters and blocked vents create these pressure imbalances. Check and change your filters every 30 days if you use basic fiberglass or 60 to 90 days for extended life filters.

Sound #2: Grinding

When your furnace grinds or scrapes, you likely have a problem with the blower wheel or mount for the blower motor. A technician checks these components during regular furnace maintenance, helping you avoid costly emergency repairs.

Sound #3: Rumbling

Your furnace will make a low rumbling sound when it first starts up. However, a rumbling that lasts beyond the startup phase or that is substantially louder than normally indicates a problem with the burner. A professional technician needs to inspect and repair this problem to ensure that you do not cause further damage to the system.

Sound #4: Squealing

Most people associate squealing in a car with a loose fan belt, and the same is true with furnaces. Squealing indicates a problem with one of the fan motors, such as a loose belt or a lack of lubricant.

Sound #5: Loud Humming

A loud humming suggests a malfunction with your capacitor. Capacitors hold and release a large electrical charge to start the blower motor.

Trained technicians should perform these repairs to ensure that your furnace or heater will work properly and be safe to operate. Call us at George M. Hill & Sons to schedule your furnace repair today.

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