Winters can get cold here in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and if you have a new baby, you want to do everything you can to make sure your precious little one stays comfortable. Let’s look at four ways to keep your baby warm and cozy this winter.

Use a Humidifier

When you’re running the heater during winter, the air inside of your home dries out. If you notice your baby has chapped or itchy skin, the humidity level is too low. Ideally, if the humidity level is around 50%, the room is comfortable. Adding a humidifier will help control moisture levels to avoid dry skin and nasal passages. Your child will feel more comfortable and sleep better.

Use a Smart Thermostat

You want the room your baby sleeps in at a comfortable temperature. Generally, you want to set your temperature between 65 to 72 degrees. Pre-schedule the temperature on your smart thermostat to stay constant, no matter how much the outside conditions fluctuate throughout the day.

Zone Your Home

You can control individual rooms in your home separately by having your house zoned. Zoning allows dampers in the ducting to open and close upon request from a smart thermostat in an individual room. If you want the living room, kitchen, or other rooms at a warmer or cooler temperature than the baby’s room, it’s easily done with a zoned system.

Install an Air Cleaner

You don’t want your baby getting sick during the winter when the flu and colds are going around. An air cleaner removes over 99% of airborne particles, such as bacteria and allergens, that may make someone sick. Having an air cleaner helps your indoor air quality stay high and helps remove pathogens and germs that might make your baby ill.

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